Real feedback from real patients. Online ratings guide choices.

ISO: These letters frequent our social media feeds. Friends seeking recommendations for everything from restaurants and hotels to schools and doctors.

More and more, people use reviews to inform their decision-making and healthcare is no different. To help patients, Carle is adding patient reviews and star ratings on carle.org.        

While numerous places provide online reviews and feedback including Yelp, Carle’s online reviews are from verified patients, providing current and future patients with helpful information.

According to Press Ganey, 59 percent of patients use ratings and review sites when selecting a physician.

“It has been gratifying to review our scores as star ratings. Almost all of our providers have a four star rating or above. This reflects the quality of our work and the care we deliver,” said Robert Healy, MD, Chief Medical Quality Officer.

Press Ganey calculates star ratings on the trailing 12 months’ survey data for each provider.  Providers must have at least 30 ratings from the previous year for a star rating to be calculated and to ensure they are statistically meaningful.

Reviews will be updated weekly and include positive and negative patient comments. Following best practice, comments will be edited to protect PHI, to remove references to other providers, to remove profanity or libel, to remove comments that are off topic, or are related to the survey instrument itself.

“Patients experience a tremendous level of information and reviews in other industries and expect the same level of service and ease from their healthcare providers,” Dr. Healy said.