PA's blog will get your heart beating, your blood pumping

Kiley Owen, PA-C, visits her daughter's class to talk about working in the emergency departmentKiley Owen, PA-C, who’s been a physician assistant in Carle’s Emergency Department for nearly eight years, didn’t just wake up one day and say, “Hey, I think I’ll start a blog.”

She looked at her job.

She looked at her life.

And she decided to start sharing the in-depth yet relatable health information many of us say we don’t have time for but all of us need.

She pondered, and she planned. And she launched “Making Health a Priority.” 

“In the ED, we help patients with what they need at that moment,” Owen said. “I hope my blog reaches people and helps them see they can make do-able health changes and then benefit at home and at work.

Kiley Owen with her husband and two children“I like being able to share what works for me and my family. I like to hear from people who read and tell me it’s making a difference in their life.”

Here’s a sample from Owen’s blog.

“Unfortunately, this site cannot promise flawlessness, youth, an athletic body, an organized home, culinary abilities, a harmonious family, or a spouse who eagerly volunteers for household chores. (Sorry.) …

“I hope this site can be a resource to help keep you on the path of good health. As you know, the path is not always fun, not always easy. Yet those challenging stretches often lead to the most beautiful sceneries to enjoy.”

Has it been hard to keep up with writing and sharing her blog? You bet, Owen admits.

But is it worth it? Her friends, followers and colleagues say yes.

“Kiley is a skilled and respected physician assistant, who also has the gift of communicating extremely well with patients. I support her noble goal to share her expertise outside of the Emergency Department,” said her colleague Dr. Benjamin Davis.

Carle and our patients benefit from seeing Kiley’s practical and encouraging advice and insight.”