3 ways to keep cookouts healthy and enjoyable

Blogger: I haven’t been to many cookouts featuring salmon, quinoa and kale. Nope, it’s typically hamburgers and hot dogs.


Today's blog: Think walking won't make a difference? Think again.

As walkers get in better shape, they often gain the confidence to expand their horizons and enjoy new activities.  


Hard conversations, simple paperwork help families avoid heartache

"Death is not a bad outcome sometimes,” Dr. Malec Mokraoui said, imploring people to make their end-of-life wishes known.


Making Health a Priority: But I'm too exhausted to exercise

Sound like you? Walking through the door exhausted ... is merely surviving large stretches of the only life we're likely to have.


Today's blog: The simple things that lead to good health

Sound familiar? My mental state affects those around me. If I'm irritable and stressed, those around me will feel that, too.


Find diabetes support at March 30 event and all year long

Carle’s biggest yearly diabetes-focused event happens 4 to 7:30 p.m. March 30 at Wyndham Garden, Urbana.


Making Health a Priority: Enjoying the season you're in?

Whatever the weather, explore the health benefits of approaching unpleasantness in a positive and productive way.


Making Health a Priority: An important question

The good news is we can do several things to decrease the body's stress response and improve our health.


Try this trio: Home-cooked meals, organization, saving money

Blogger: Taking my friend’s “Frugal February” advice, I took inventory of what we had on hand, and I planned accordingly.


Just in time ... 10 ways to make more time for your health

Here is my personal "top 10 list" of ways I've found to free up time, making it easier to fit in healthy activities.