Student uses diabetes experience to make lasting impact

“I’m thankful for my diabetes now, but it wasn’t always that way.”

Aubrey Glazik, a rising sophomore at Purdue University from Paxton, is one of this year’s 16 Carle Auxiliary scholarship recipients. The Carle Auxiliary awards scholarships to students pursuing healthcare careers.

The self-discipline and hard-work lessons diabetes taught her drove Glazik toward medicine.

“At first, I thought I wanted to be an endocrinologist. But I realized that wasn’t for me,” she said. “After, I considered being a nurse like my mom, but that wasn’t for me, as well. Then I realized how much pharmacists have done for me, and the huge impact they have on the healthcare field.

“Now I am working really hard so I can do the same for others.”

For Glazik, two options present themselves in life when things get hard.

“You can either let it bring you down, or you can look at the good in the situation and work hard for something great,” she said.

Her attitude wasn’t always so positive.

“When I first got diabetes, I resented it. I lost my spark. It wasn’t until I had it for a while that I realized I can make my situation a positive one,” Glazik said.

“Because of my diabetes, I have a lot of self-control, I know my priorities, and I have met so many amazing people who have diabetes like me. That’s something I would never want taken away.”

John Ross, scholarship committee chairman, says The Carle Auxiliary history best spotlights the scholarship’s lasting impact on Glazik and many others.

“More than $500,000 in scholarships have been awarded over the last 54 years. By advancing the fields of medicine, Carle Auxiliary is supporting the future of healthcare.”

Future, indeed.

This winter, Glazik will go to Honduras for a second year to help build medical clinics. After graduation, she hopes to take similar trips, give back to her community and support hospitals like Carle that positively influenced her life.

“This scholarship is such a great opportunity,” Glazik said.

“Paying for college isn’t easy, so I want to make the most of receiving the scholarship by working really hard, doing well in my classes, and doing what it takes to end up in the healthcare field as a pharmacist who makes a difference.”

These are the 2016 Carle Auxiliary Scholarship recipients:

  • Erica Allender. Nursing, Champaign
  • Alyssa Brewer, Nursing, DeLand
  • Maria Climaco, Community Healthcare, Arcola
  • Aubrey Glazik, Pharmacy, Paxton
  • Morgan Lotz, Nurse Practitioner, Champaign
  • Rory Mills, Pediatrician, Champaign
  • Rebecca Offenbach, Nursing, Monticello
  • Arati Paudel, Nursing, Champaign
  • Brandi Rhoads, Nursing, Marshall
  • Carolyn Rigsby, Nurse Anesthetist, Monticello
  • Stephanie Sass, Dental Hygienist, Monticello
  • Roxanne Sawhill, Nursing, Urbana
  • Katherine Schultz, Doctor, Seymour
  • Shelby Smith, Nursing, Hume
  • Hayden Warner, Doctor in Urology, Neoga
  • Megan Winchester, Nursing, Lerna