Colorful scarves show support for fighting women’s cancers

Becca Guyette and her mother-in-law Nancy GuyetteNot long ago, Becca Guyette and her mother-in-law, Nancy Guyette, spent an evening at Carle that was 15 years in the making.

In 2001, local businesswoman Linda Mills was re-diagnosed with cancer. She and her husband, Doug, refused to let cancer define them, instead choosing to actively support advancing cancer treatment for women in our region.

Linda lost her fight with cancer in 2006, but her legacy—Mills Breast Cancer Institute—continues to change the lives of women like Becca and Nancy today.  

The event, hosted by Carle Center for Philanthropy, commemorated the 10-year anniversary of the groundbreaking for Mills Breast Cancer Institute. The evening offered attendees a chance to interact with doctors and nurses, tour the facilities and gift colorful scarves to women receiving treatment for all types of cancer.

scarves on railing at Mills Breast Cancer InstituteBecca and Nancy donated blue and red scarves and in exchange received bright-pink scarves, the official color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Nancy is a cancer survivor, so the event and the scarves idea impacted her greatly.

“It was wonderful for her to see a treatment center of this caliber, especially one right here in our community,” Becca said.

The vision of Mills Breast Cancer Institute is a vision Becca and Nancy are more than willing to support. Their invitation to this exclusive event was the result of their personal donations to Mills Breast Cancer Institute.

Mills familyLyn Jones, Carle Center for Philanthropy vice president, is grateful Linda’s vision remains so relevant today.

“Linda was a very committed, passionate member of this community,” Jones said. “It is quite humbling to see Linda’s vision has not been forgotten.”

As the event commemorated past giving, it also showcased the Institute’s readiness and optimism for the future.

“I don’t know a single person whose life has not been touched by cancer,” Jones said.

“I hope our attendees left knowing we have a highly competent team in place here and that the team is ready.”

Becca and Nancy count themselves among the many grateful women affected by Linda’s legacy.

“I am inspired that a facility like this is in our community,” Becca said. “We want to spread the word about this place.”

Learn more about Linda’s vision and how you can be part of it.