Colon cancer is very treatable – if caught early

Remember two words when it comes to preventing colon cancer: ‘Get tested’


3D mammograms ease women's minds

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Women shouldn't ignore surprising health trend

For the first time in years, life expectancy went down for some women in the United States.


Support, friendship turn to love after devastating loss

“Marty and Lynn falling in love has been a beautiful thing to see. They have an absolutely compatible partnership. They have absolute love.”


A mother in every sense of the word

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Allison’s story: Breast reconstruction with a 3D twist

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What you need to know about Zika as summer approaches

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Social media allows social worker to provide quick support

Racing to reach his fiancee's side, Jake Gosnell forgot something he thought he couldn't do without.

Families check on NICU babies anytime, anywhere with secure webcams

When Heather Harlan wakes up at 3 a.m., her heart stops racing the moment she sees her son sleeping soundly—his hands behind his head like his dad and his thin feeding tube still in place.