When life gives you lemons ...

Blogger: I'm all about batch prepping and cooking. If I can get the mess out once and reap the benefits multiple times, I'm all in. 


Mahomet, St. Joseph athletes share love of sports, training

Basketball. Volleyball. Track – oh my! Any sport you play, proper training and injury prevention help you meet your goals.


My third 'New Year' of the year (On fresh starts & embracing imperfection)

Blogger: I tend to set some rather lofty goals. This is the time of year when I envision a magical new world ... .


Say 'so long' to spider veins with swift treatment and no downtime

Sclerotherapy involves injecting small amounts of medicine into spider veins to cause them to collapse and appear less noticeable.


The key to a calm and productive day

What can you do this evening, before you run out of steam, to set yourself up for a successful tomorrow?


How to start loving healthy food (For real. Really.)

In the beginning, the focus on health over taste definitely took some enjoyment out of eating. And,  yes, drinking.


Making Health a Priority: Scheduling free time this school year

What if — like Dr. Shefali Tsabary says — our children will learn so much more if we don't rescue them from boredom? 


Making Health a Priority: Gardening ... and grace

It's one of the ultimate health-promoting activities, but if your gardening never pans out how you hoped, this blog is for you.


Why NOT you? The answer is more simple than you imagine

Maybe -- just maybe -- it's time to quiet your inner voice and replace it with the power to see what you truly can do.


One day at a time, healthy nutrition is easier than you think

Dietitian says you can have your Snickers and eat it, too. Just make sure it’s bite-sized when focusing on proper nutrition and building healthy habits.