Hospital lifts all flu-related visitor guidelines

Carle lifted flu visiting guidelines at its hospitals because the number of people getting sick from influenza is going down across the state.

NICU, Labor and Delivery, Postpartum and Inpatient Pediatrics return to regular visitor guidelines.

“While (in some areas) there are no longer limitations for number of visitors, people still need to practice good habits to prevent the spread of sickness,” said Susan Ruwe, RN, senior infection preventionist.

“People should cover their cough and wash their hands frequently.” 

This year’s flu season was unusual. There weren’t as many flu-related illnesses in December and January when Carle usually puts in visiting guidelines.
“The flu really hit the area in March, and that required visiting guidelines for patient safety. Visitor guidelines for hospitals were recommended by the Illinois Department of Public Health at that time due to an increase in flu-like illnesses,” Ruwe said.
“Thankfully, the flu is on the way out as the weather warms up. But it’s important to prevent the spread of germs year round.”