Get those ZZZs: Your heart will thank you

Study links frustrating and unusual sleep schedules to heart disease.


Heart attack survivors need exercise, not rest, to keep healthy

You’d think if a person had two heart attacks within three years, the prescription would be to take it easy and avoid exertion.

You’d be wrong.


Heart-attack patient calls kind actions a 'game changer'

After spending some time with Dan Green, it’s hard to imagine him quiet and reserved.


Patient applauds results and explanation of progressive PAD procedure

Terry Smith of Danville appreciates how Scott Santeler, MD, makes serious subjects crystal clear.


Quick work gives heart attack patients a better chance to recover

One hour, maximum. That’s the goal. The national standard for people having a heart attack to receive life-saving treatment in the cardiac catheterization lab should be no more than one hour after arriving at the Emergency Department.


Aspirin can help prevent heart attack, but it's not for everybody

We’ve all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but can “an aspirin a day keep a heart attack at bay?” A Carle cardiologist says for those at risk for heart attack or stroke, aspirin is still one of the best medicines they can take.