Under the weather, parents ask: go to doctor or no?

Pediatricians talk about common respiratory illnesses, advise hand washing and staying home to keep germs from spreading.


Backpacks brighten pre-surgery moments for kids, parents

You can give easily online today to help purchase items for backpacks that help ease the stress of surgery for young patients.


Donations for blankets help wrap the holidays for small patients

Grateful twin mom says blanket brought reality of being a parent and spurred thoughts of taking her boys home.


Visitor limitations help keep patients healthy, protect the vulnerable

With seasonal illnesses on the rise, visitor restrictions in place in units with moms, babies and children to protect patients.


Skip the tricks this Halloween with safer, non-food treats

Non-food choices gain popularity to promote inclusive Halloween experiences for children with potentially life-threatening allergies.


Small footprints leave big imprint on families worldwide

In addition to heartbreaking, pregnancy and infant loss can be isolating. Ceremony brings families together to remember and honor their babies.


Nurses roll up sleeves, dole out thousands of flu shots

Local woman breaks a streak with first flu shot and makes decision to help others stay healthy too.


Babies overcome impossible odds, reunite with NICU staff

NICU RN says receiving cards, photos and updates from patients is great but nothing beats seeing their progress in person.


Prescription to Read unlocks unique relationship benefits

Pediatric proponents use book program to create deeper patient relationships, as well as developmental perks.


Ball player wants back in the game — even though it’s football

Twelve-year-old Newton third baseman recovers from freak sports injury and is ready to start training for next season.