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The mosquito-borne illness is still a threat in many vacation destinations, so travelers need to take precautions.


Taking steps to reduce flu risk in the hospital

Temporary visitor guidelines will help keep patients and staff safe and prevent the spread of flu in the hospital.


2016: Inspiring life stories

Real people get a second chance at life and are ready for the New Year.


Mom who’s been there understands visitor limitations

Carle updates women's and children's area visitor guidelines to match Illinois Department of Public Health best practices.


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Real risk from mosquito bites—even in cool weather

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Danville darling tackles life with diabetes like a pro

Child Life Services partners with Special Spectators and the Fighting Illini to provide a break from the worry and work of caring for a child with health challenges.


Health experts assure U.S. senator of Zika readiness

Senator Dick Durbin visits Carle Hospital to learn more about Zika virus.


Stash your tricky little e-cig bottles far from kids

Frightening fact: “It’s hard to tell how much a child may have ingested. One milligram of liquid nicotine can cause symptoms. Ten milligrams can be fatal for a child—that’s less than one teaspoon.”