Coworkers create their own recipe for a happy marriage

Michelle and Steven Mora might only have time to wave to one another in the hallways at work, but when they’re able to slow down, they connect over good food, compelling TV and simply enjoying one another’s company.


High-tech device gives stroke patients hope

 “Carle saved my life.” That’s the opinion of Gladys Freed, who suffered a stroke in August.


World AIDS Day December 1: A day of hope

“HIV is no longer a terminal diagnosis. People with HIV are not doomed to get AIDS; however they need to be committed to their health.”


10 Tips help you conquer the temptation to overeat on Thanksgiving

You can almost hear the turkey calling, can’t you? The most tempting food day for many is just around the corner. 

Low dose CT improves lung cancer detection, survival rate

Patients with a history of smoking can get tested for lung cancer, and that test is now covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.


Heart-attack patient calls kind actions a 'game changer'

After spending some time with Dan Green, it’s hard to imagine him quiet and reserved.


Women should get an annual mammogram starting at age 40

Doctors at Carle recommend following the American Cancer Society’s guidelines that all women get an annual mammogram starting at age 40.


Patients can access virtual doctor's visits for themselves, their kids

Busy parents and adults can now send medical questions and receive a diagnosis and treatment plan if needed all online through an electronic appointment or eVisit.


Safety advocates seek essential input from farmers, first responders

At harvest time and all year long, farmers deal with circumstances beyond their control. Trauma nurse and farmer Mary Beth Voights encourages farmers to strive every day to focus on the one thing they can control: their safety.

Patient applauds results and explanation of progressive PAD procedure

Terry Smith of Danville appreciates how Scott Santeler, MD, makes serious subjects crystal clear.