One size doesn’t fit all: Avoid adult diet changes for kids

“I just wish parents would feed their kids real food.” - Judy Webber, Carle dietician


Colon cancer is very treatable – if caught early

Remember two words when it comes to preventing colon cancer: ‘Get tested’


3D mammograms ease women's minds

New breast imaging units cut down on return visits, false positives.


Women shouldn't ignore surprising health trend

For the first time in years, life expectancy went down for some women in the United States.


Heart attack survivors need exercise, not rest, to keep healthy

You’d think if a person had two heart attacks within three years, the prescription would be to take it easy and avoid exertion.

You’d be wrong.


Five things parents can do to help their teens be safe on the road

It's student banquet, party and graduation season at the Univeristy of Illinois and in high schools all across Illinois. First responders want students to remember to drive safely and have adults talk to students about making safe driving choices.


Moving forward after cancer

Cancer can leave behind scars, both physical and emotional. Those affected are learning to move forward and thrive after treatment.


What you need to know about Zika as summer approaches

After experiencing mosquito-borne disease up close, a Carle specialist is committed to teaching the community what they might not know about the Zika virus.


Athletic trainers cover tons of teams, offer free walk-in clinic

Interested in the healthcare field? Here’s a spotlight on one in-demand option during National Athletic Training Month.

Recipient of new award credits grandmother's influence

When Timothy Roberts, MD, became Carle’s first Friend of Wellness award recipient earlier this month, he couldn’t help but think back on his 25 years as a physician in Psychiatry at Carle.