Stroke, heart attack rates increase in younger people

A new study shows more people ages 35 to 55 having significant health problems. Experts: Make changes now to reduce risk.


Retired professor's heart ready for more treasure hunts

Highly trained specialists use high-tech equipment to get the heart back in rhythm.


Visitors to wear protective clothing to prevent infecting others

The new policy is designed to protect patients, visitors and the community.


Giving thanks for every heart beat

Recently retired Carle Nurse Practitioner who had her heart stop on the operating table credits quick work by friends and hospital staff for saving her life.


Early cancer diagnosis allows Farmer City woman to keep serving others

Low-dose CT scan catches lung cancer early and gives people a better chance at recovery.


Direct advice for people in diabetes danger: ‘Take care of it’

St. Joseph woman changes her life, keeps her diabetes under control.


Timely diagnosis gives more time to find timeless treasures

Monticello woman benefits from high-tech early detection of breast cancer.


Area man stays active, pays it forward while waiting for a new heart

At age 47, retired police officer and military veteran thrives thanks to high-tech heart pump.


Farmer faithfully ensures his donor heart is in top form

Danville man’s regular check-ups will help him do what he loves—farming and helping others.


Retired officer rehabs his way back from ‘widow maker’

Coles County-based cardiologist helps 65-year-old recover after quick action saved his life.