10 Tips help you conquer the temptation to overeat on Thanksgiving

You can almost hear the turkey calling, can’t you? The most tempting food day for many is just around the corner. 
  With these 10 Tips from Carle clinical dietitian LaDonna Jenkins, MS, RD, LDN, you can get through Thanksgiving and feel thankful that you kept the urge to overdo under control.
  1. Don’t start when you’re starving: Have healthy meals before the big one so you don’t overeat.
  2. Strive for colorful: Choose fruits and veggies to get good nutrition and feel fuller faster.
  3. Control those carbs: Forgo last year’s mega-dollops of mashed potatoes, noodles and dressing.
  4. Combat that fat: Skip the turkey skin. Be better with less butter. Don’t go gravy crazy.
  5. Drink lots of water: You will feel full more quickly and stay happily hydrated.
  6. Eat slowly: Enjoy your food, family and friends to help avoid that overfull feeling.
  7. Save room for dessert: You mastered your meal. Now indulge—a little. Half a slice of pie will do!
  8. Leave the table: Move the festivities to another room so you don’t mindlessly snack.
  9. Now get some exercise: Bundle up and take walk. Dance while you do dishes. Anything helps.
  10. Leftovers lift: Instead of turkey sandwiches, make low-salt turkey soup with lots of vegetables.
Happy Thanksgiving, and healthy eating!