Strong values beyond the bedside help patients daily

Five years ago, Jim Jamison found himself on the verge of assuming a leadership position outside of Carle.

An unforeseen detour, though, began when that company closed its local branch and moved its employees to a different city. Jamison chose not to go. Then, over the course of four years, he didn’t find a job that he felt settled in.

Eventually, he joined Carle Medical Supply in customer service.

Although he started from scratch, Jamison looks back now and couldn’t be happier about the end result.

“My interest in Carle started because of my wife, Shandra,” Jim said. “She started here as a part-time nurse and respiratory therapist and progressed to a manager position. She saw the strides and sacrifices this organization made to best position itself for the future.

“That made me confident in Carle’s ability to see the future and prepare for it the right way.”

Finally he had stability back in his life. Soon after that, success followed.

In just 10 months with customer service, Jim became Carle Medical Supply’s coordinator in Danville. After six months in that role, another opportunity arose, and he became branch manager for Urbana and Mattoon.

A bridge to that success began with his wife and continued with leadership tools from the Carle Leadership Academy.

“Shandra took and enjoyed all of our leadership courses, but I looked at it from a different school of thought,” Jim admitted. “I believed these types of leadership issues just boiled down to common sense. It wasn’t until I was in a leadership position here that I realized I needed to fine-tune skills to handle the position.”

Just one year into his career with Carle Medical Supply, Jim found himself enrolled in the same classes Shandra used to speak of.

“As soon as I came to Carle, I could see why the leadership courses were in place and why we defined certain actions and reactions the way we did,” Jim said. “Those ‘common sense’ thoughts I had still applied, but Carle built upon them and laid it out clearly for their leaders to follow.

“The longer I’ve been here, the more glad I am that structure is available. I do believe managers, employees and other departments are all on the same page because of it.”

He took every leadership course available to him at the time he became a leader. Based around notes and slides, he found the informational aspect of the course worthwhile. But Jim believed the group activity was most valuable. During these moments, he said, classmates made scenarios come alive through interaction.

Jim went back to his role as branch manager feeling more prepared to foster an open line of communication with employees. That helped build a strong team.

And he knows who benefits most because of that.

“At Carle Medical Supply, we’re motivated to provide the same kind of service as our doctors, nurses and other staff members,” Jim said. “We interact with people who are sick and need our help. At the end of the day, we feel like we can help people feel better or more comfortable.

“When the patients we interact with come to me and talk about our employees by name, to be honest, it still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.”