Why make quality your top priority? Mom said so

Carle Danville on Fairchild daughter and mother team of Ashtin and Stacy NicholsonAshtin Nicholson embraces high standards because of the expectations her mother set for her as she grew up. Now as a medical assistant in Convenient Care at Danville – Fairchild, they are top of mind on the job every day.

And when she needs a pep talk, she only has to walk to the Adult Medicine department in the same building where her mother, Stacy Nicholson, is a registered nurse.

“To have a mom who works with you in the same clinic makes you want to be excellent in your job and honor your mom, as well, for being excellent,” Ashtin said.

“She didn’t raise me to be anything less.”

On Mother’s Day, Ashtin, her three sisters and her father will spend the day with Stacy. For the Nicholson family, Mother’s Day has always been a way to show Stacy how much she is cherished. It’s a meaningful day.

Maybe this year, it’s a bit more meaningful. It also happens to be Ashtin’s21st birthday.

Stacy became a nurse in 2009 and joined Carle in 2011, and she is proud to watch her daughter follow in her footsteps. Ashtin began working at Carle a little over a year ago, and she takes nursing classes at Danville Area Community College.

Ashtin started down this road early, when Stacy said her daughter was “volun-told” to take a CNA class during a high school summer when Ashtin would have preferred to hang out with her friends. 

“I think now she appreciates the drive that we gave her to pursue that because it’s really opened up a lot of different avenues for her  in her adult life,” Stacy said. “It’s been nice to see her flourish.”

Mother and daughter don’t work side by side, and may only see each other in passing or when they arrange to have lunch together. But there is comfort for both in having a trusted person who understands the job nearby for support and for positive advice outside of work.

“They have a classic mother-daughter bond. Ashtin looks to Stacy often for guidance,” said Heather Tucker, director of Ambulatory Services-East Region and Stacy and Ashtin’s manager.

“We can talk each other down and encourage, add a different light to the situation,” said Stacy. “I’m really big about ‘Have a little grace where they’re concerned today.’”

While they know they have each other’s back, they also keep each other on their toes.

Tucker sees that in action.

“They both will help in an instant, with anything, for anyone, and offer the best service possible," Tucker said.

"They always wear a smile and have positive attitudes about the organization and the teams they work with on a daily basis.”