Manufacturing roots enhance meaning of hospital’s ISO 9001 success

The International Standards Organization (ISO) recently certified that Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center meets ISO 9001 standards for consistent quality care and business operations.

Most often used in business and manufacturing to assure efficiency and safety, ISO now certifies healthcare institutions that meet its high standards. ISO is unique because it counts on organizations to create, document, and continually increase effectiveness.

Carle uses ISO to drive innovation, strengthening patient and employee safety. 

"Attaining ISO certification is challenging, and we are proud to earn this designation," said Harry Brockus, CEO, Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center. "Many manufacturing businesses use ISO certification to raise productiveness and quality, and it is only right for health care to conform to ISO standards.

"More crucially, Carle Hoopeston patients benefit from ISO certification as we give seamless care, which means maintaining high standards with every visit."

Carle Hoopeston joins Carle Foundation Hospital as one of only eight hospitals in the state to achieve ISO certification.

“If a person goes to Carle Hoopeston, they can feel sure they are having consistent, high-quality care," said Hope Brown, Carle vice president of quality.

Carle Hoopeston trained employees as ISO auditors to regularly inspect all departments, clinical and administrative, to ensure work is consistent group-wide and ensure employees use the most up-to-date forms and policies. Auditors inspected things like:

  • Consent forms
  • Patient-care standards
  • Waste management
  • Billing processes

ISO endorsed Carle Hoopeston after reviewing those audits.

Brockus added, "By following all the processes needed for ISO 9001 certification, we improve in all areas, and patients get seamless care across the board."