College of Medicine curriculum approval propels endeavor

The Carle Illinois College of Medicine met another important milestone as the University of Illinois Board of Trustees approved the curriculum at its Nov. 10 meeting. Developed by a team of Carle physicians and Illinois faculty, this program also passed review by the Urbana-Champaign Faculty Senate as part of the required steps to ultimately confer a degree from the university.

Two co-chairs led the college’s Curriculum Committee, including Robert Good, DO, Carle physician and Health Alliance Chief Medical Officer, as well as Rashid Bashir, PhD, Abel Bliss Professor and Head of the Department of Engineering at Illinois.

“It is gratifying to get to this point after collaborating with our colleagues at Illinois on a groundbreaking curriculum,” Dr. Good said. “We will teach doctors uniquely by immersing them in clinical care and engineering from the beginning of medical school.”

Both the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the Liaison Committee for Medical Education will next review the college’s curriculum and structure.

“We are making excellent progress building this college,” said King Li, MD, inaugural dean of the Carle Illinois College of Medicine and Carle Chief Academic Officer, who joined on Oct. 1.

“Our colleagues from many areas are sharing their clinical, research and instructional expertise to make the first medical school built from the ground up at the intersection of engineering and medicine. Together we will change medical education and healthcare delivery.”  

The Curriculum Committee, made up of 18 members from Carle and the University, has been working for nearly a year to develop the first-of-its-kind curriculum.