Always improving: unrelenting commitment to patients

Ensuring patient safety and giving high-quality care are two jobs that are never done in a hospital. Every day, physicians and leaders are privileged to protect and treat patients.

“We serve a large community of people who deserve the highest quality of care through the services we provide. It is Carle’s mission and why we exist,” said Hope Brown (pictured), vice president of Quality.

Carle’s efforts are being recognized among the best in the United States.

Healthgrades recognized Carle with:

  • America’s 50 Best Hospitals Award for the second straight year (sixth straight year Carle has been recognized as a Top 100 or a top 50 hospital) for “the top 1 percent in the nation for consistent clinical quality.”
  • One of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Critical Care for the sixth straight year
  • Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence for the top 5 percent in the nation for exhibiting “comprehensive and consistent quality across medical specialties.”

Carle is one of seven hospitals in Illinois and the only hospital outside the Chicago metro area to make the Healthgrades Top 50 list.

Striving for excellence is what gets Jamie Holley, director of Quality Services, out of bed and into her office each day.

“I am passionate about Carle being a high-quality hospital in the community we serve. It is wonderful to know my family and friends can receive the best care possible in the area they live in," she said.

Holley is part of the team that supports all clinical staff in leading quality care initiatives, identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing changes that may be needed.

“Helping to improve the landscape of the current and future healthcare delivery system is very rewarding,” Holley said.

Robert Healy, MD, chief medical quality officer and adult medicine physician ,works with staff throughout the organization to ensure patient safety.

“To me, being a high-quality hospital means that patients have the best possible experience. It means we do the right thing for the patient. It means that all members of the team focus on the patient. Being recognized by external groups shows me we are providing this high quality,” he concluded.

For more information, visit www.healthgrades.com