Brick by brick, learning what loyalty is all about

Carle’s Loyalty Courtyard spotlights employees with 30-plus years’ experience. Each of these people had an effect on other lives.


New courtyard features names of 30-plus year active employees

By the hospital breezeway, the courtyard features bricks with the name of every 30-plus-year active employee as of Dec. 31, 2016.


Research hub dedication signals new round of breakthroughs

From cancer research to neurological breakthroughs, generous new initiative will help tackle today’s critical healthcare challenges.


Carle, developers move forward with west Champaign plans

Carle at the Fields building construction and retail development continue to progress on schedule. 


Retreat introduces cancer survivors to a whole new world

Art therapy helps cancer survivor Sarah on her path to the new "normal."


Patients thrive as they engage with eager student volunteers

New patient-focused endeavor uses technology at the bedside for education, entertainment and unexpected connections.


Why make quality your top priority? Mom said so

Mother and daughter find comfort in having a trusted person who understands the job nearby for support.


Tech advancement doesn’t mean patients lose personal touch

Patient Service Representatives keep interaction levels high as they help patients adjust to computerized kiosks.


From blank stares to changing sleep medicine worldwide

Carle doctor’s groundbreaking research on Restless Leg Syndrome in children continues to alter mindsets.


Virtual reality lets kids set aside sickness, seriousness

Child Life Services continually seeks new ways to connect with children and teens to make their hospital stays more comfortable.