Chronicling the volunteer spirit at Carle

Theodore Roosevelt said, “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.”

Carle leaders agree.

At the special request of James C. Leonard, MD, president and CEO, The Carle Foundation, the nearly 60-year history of the Carle Auxiliary is being shared in its first published history book, Keepers of the Flame: The History of the Carle Auxiliary.  

“Like many physicians working at Carle, I had a passing familiarity with the Carle Auxiliary when I began my practice in 1984,” Dr. Leonard recalled.

“I saw them in the halls and witnessed their cheerful spirit and caring presence throughout the hospital. But it wasn’t until 2000 that I discovered the depth of their commitment and the strength of their resolve when they began the tremendous undertaking of establishing a Guest House for the families of critically ill or injured patients.”

More than 30 individuals from the past and present—Auxiliary members, directors of Volunteer Services as well as Carle administrators—helped put the book together. Jan Kiley, a long-time Carle advocate and Auxiliary member since 1982, conducted the interviews and compiled the memories.

To pen the Auxiliary’s nearly 60-year history, Carle turned to John Turner (pictured with Ann Talbott), an award-winning local writer. He was guided in his efforts by Jan Peterson, past president and historian of the Carle Auxiliary, and Ann Talbott, past president and parliamentarian of the Auxiliary.

“Carle would not be ‘Carle’ without the Auxiliary,” Dr. Leonard commented. “They’ve been the keepers of the flame, maintaining the values that make us strong and instilling these values in each new generation. I’m delighted that their story has finally been documented for all to enjoy.”

Keepers of the Flame: The History of the Carle Auxiliary is available for purchase from the Carle Auxiliary Gift Shop and the Carle Auxiliary Resale Boutique. Proceeds from the book will help offset the operational costs of the Carle Auxiliary Guest House.