Patients can access virtual doctor's visits for themselves, their kids

Carle launched eVisit in 2013 on a limited basis for patients with a primary care physician. This month, eVisit expanded to include all pediatricians and most adult and family medicine physicians.

“eVisit is perfect for a busy parent with a sick child, and they don’t have the time or aren’t able to get to the doctor’s office. It is also ideal for an adult who doesn’t have time to wait at convenient care or someone who finds it difficult to get out of their house,” said Timothy Meneely, DO, medical director of Population Health at Carle.

“They can now get medical care for themselves or their children from work or from the comfort of home.”

Carle patients can access eVisit through a free MyCarle account. Parents can use their MyCarle account as a proxy for their children.

Carle has lowered the cost of an eVisit to $20, payable once the provider gives a diagnosis or recommendation and the eVisit is over.  Credit card is preauthorized up front prior to patient answering questions related to the condition; however charge will not drop to the patient until physician has determined plan of care.  

“The patient will only have to pay $20 for the eVisit. We want to make this service as affordable as possible so more people can consult with a physician and get the care they need," Dr. Meneely added.

eVisits are for MyCarle patients with non-emergency symptoms. Patients can conduct an eVisit for:

• Cough/bronchitis
• Diarrhea
• Nausea/vomiting
• Pinkeye
• Sinus/allergy
• Urinary tract infection
• Sleep disorders
• Bed wetting
• Suspected vaginal yeast infection
• High blood pressure

Patients log into MyCarle to select eVisit, choose the condition, and then answer questions about their symptoms. The provider can then make a diagnosis and recommend treatment – including prescriptions and other instructions as needed – online.  The doctor will respond to the patient’s request within four to six hours Monday – Friday during normal business hours. If the provider decides the patient’s condition is more complex, the patient can schedule an office visit or go to Convenient Care.

Carle patients can go to www.Carle.org/MyCarle to set up a MyCarle account to begin securely communicating with physicians online.

“This is an excellent opportunity for us to help more people quickly and efficiently. eVisit gives Carle patients more access to care and more choices on how they receive that care,” Dr. Meneely concluded.

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