Heart-attack patient calls kind actions a 'game changer'

?After spending some time with Dan Green, it’s hard to imagine him quiet and reserved.

  But that’s how the Ivesdale 50-year-old was after his recent heart attack. While his HVI nurses and doctors were skilled and caring, and his wife, Renee, was by his side, Dan was in a major funk.

The heart attack stopped him in his tracks. He was stuck in a hospital bed. He was scared. He was mad. And he didn’t want to answer one more question.
Until Maria Brown, an Environmental Services employee said, “How are you feeling today, sir?”
The floodgates opened. Maria’s kindness began lifting Dan out of his funk. She put off tidying up his room, held his hands and listened while he talked and cried. Over the next few days, they bonded. Dan’s hearty laugh resurfaced when Maria teased him about flooding the bathroom floor when he took a shower.
Dan – a former correctional officer and current maintenance contractor – admits he gushes about how a person who could have simply cleaned his room and left did so much to help him accept what turned out to be a mild heart attack.
“Mentally, how she helped me was a game changer,” Dan said. “Ms. Brown was sent by somebody. She was my angel.”
Besides finally getting that RV that serves as a sign to their treasured and grown sons that now is Mom and Dad’s time, what else is on Dan’s post-heart attack list?
Seeing Maria, giving her a hug and thanking her.
And maybe a new job. Dan said, “After seeing how much the employees are cared for at Carle, I am really considering applying. It would be nice to be part of something like this.”