Coworkers create their own recipe for a happy marriage

Michelle and Steven Mora might only have time to wave to one another in the hallways at work, but when they’re able to slow down, they connect over good food, compelling TV and simply enjoying one another’s company.

  They say their key to a happy marriage is supporting one another, especially as Steven, an inpatient pharmacy technician, is back at school studying medical laboratory science. Michelle is the Graduate Medical Education residency coordinator.
While they might talk about work for a bit as they unwind, they quickly transition to together time. 

Sometimes that means catching up on favorite shows Blacklist, Dexter and Breaking Bad. Sometimes it means spending time with family. Sometimes it means trying new and favorite eateries in town. 
And sometimes it means heading out of town to scarf down some Red Robin, now a mutual favorite.

“I’m hooked. I like it,” Steven said.

When he’s not too busy with school, though, the self-proclaimed foodie, likes to cook—sometimes the Costa Rican favorites his mother and grandmother who live nearby cook for the couple.

“They like to cook. They like to please people. They make whatever Michelle wants,” Steven said with a smile at his bride.

The Moras met seven years ago at Carle.

“After two months of seeing each other and saying ‘hi’ on the shuttle, in the hallways, and in the cafeteria, he introduced himself to me on December 29, 2008,” Michelle said. “We started having lunch together, and in February 2009, he asked me to dinner for Valentine’s Day to celebrate our friendship.” 

She was working another job that day, though, so he brought her favorite Chili’s meal there. They started dating soon after. 

The Moras look back fondly on their weddings. Both of them.

“We planned on getting married in the church on 10/10/10. But we ended up buying a house in February 2010 and didn’t want to live together until we were married,” Michelle said. “We got married in the courthouse in April and keep our 10/10/10 date for the church ceremony. We celebrate both anniversaries.”

And they celebrate each other. 

Steven loves that Michelle is humble and easygoing. Michelle loves that Steven is sweet, loving and truly cares about her.

Busy or not, it works for the Moras.

“We were coworkers. We were friends first,” Steven said.