Boot camp fanatic gives her boot the boot

Ni’Schelle Lee Wu is a busy woman who likes to work out and be active.

How active? She loves those intense boot-camp workouts.

So, when she got plantar fasciitis in one of her feet in 2013, her active life ground to a halt.

“I wore a walking boot for a year. I then lost weight, and the plantar fasciitis went away,” Ni’Schelle explained.

But the relief didn’t last long.

“The plantar fasciitis came back, and it was worse. I needed help to get out of bed. I had to wear a walking boot again, but it didn’t help. I’m on my feet 12 hours a day as a Certified Nursing Assistant, and my foot couldn’t take it. I realized that I couldn’t go on like this,” she said.

“I was desperate.”

She called Carle Sports Medicine and learned about a leading-edge procedure called percutaneous tenotomy. Patients can stay awake during the procedure, and it treats pain from:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Patellar tendinitis

“Percutaneous tenotomy targets damaged tendon tissue without invasive surgery or general anesthesia,” said Jeremy Henrichs, MD, Carle Sports Medicine.  

“We make an incision only 3 millimeters in length, and using an ultrasound, guide a needle to the injured tissue. Ultrasonic energy breaks down and removes the diseased portion of the tendon without disturbing any healthy tissue.

“The patient recovers faster than from traditional surgery.”

Ni’Schelle said the procedure itself was easy. “The doctor numbed my foot and started the procedure. He asked me if I felt anything. I told him, ‘I didn’t know you started working on me.’”

A few months later, Ni’Schelle feels no pain. She added, “I’m out of the boot, and I can wear regular shoes again.”

She can’t wait for the doctor to clear her for full activity.

“I’m looking to start running and doing boot-camp workouts again,” she said.