Leukemia survivor’s crew cheers launch of family-focused solution

“We know Davis made waves everywhere he went,” his dad said of the doctors and nurses who got to know him well when he was sick.


Cancer community teaches social work intern lessons for life

Victoria Rose applauds her mentor, saying, "Kimberly ends up getting to their needs. The small talk turns into huge talk.”


Write it down (3 ways writing can improve health)

Wait a second. Don't freak out. This post is not about becoming a better writer (although that could result).


Nurse practitioner uses CrossFit passion to build community

Natalie Wheatley believes her motivation for fitness helps drive her dedication to helping her Family Medicine patients.


Teen’s cancer journey spotlights solid relationships  

“That was the scariest day of my life, because I knew they were going to cut into my neck,” Madison said


30-day well-being challenge: Start using these 7 steps now

Carle nurse leader incorporates gratitude into all things—a practice others can use to live healthier and happier lives.


NICU nurse crochets super-sweet Valentine's Day reminders

“One of the NICU nurses at Duke told me I’d be a NICU nurse someday. I thought it might be too painful.”


Coordinated care helps Richland Memorial ambassador's duties

The specialty surgeon at Carle confirmed the presence of a tumor in Mark Roth’s adrenal gland and said it needed to be removed.


Climbing high again after aggressive blood clot treatment

After surgery to remove life-threatening clots, an Oreana retiree is back doing what he loves—rock climbing and riding his bike. 


Back on the farm using both hands

U of I crop scientist credits orthopedic hand surgery and rehab for saving his hand after a serious farming accident.