Get rid of spider veins - WCIA

If you have spider veins and you're looking to get rid of them, you may not have to go far. Sclerotherapy is now offered at Carle to clear things up and the procedure typically takes 30 minutes.


Study: Almost a third of adults in Illinois were obese in 2016 - News-Gazette

A local doctor says a new report finding that nearly a third of Illinois adults are obese wasn't surprising. 


ATV Safety - WAND TV

Since 1982, more than 289 people in Illinois have died in ATV-related incidents, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Others have been treated for non-fatal injuries.


New College of Medicine to 'revolutionize' teaching - The Illinois Channel

Robert Good, DO, and Rashid Bashir, MD, talk about a new medical school set to open in 2018.


Stroke in younger people - The News-Gazette

Vibhav Bansal, MD., discusses stroke risk for younger people.


Sitting the new smoking - WCIA-TV

Karen Stefaniak talks about living healthy when the population is more sedentary.


Secretary of State encourages organ donation - WILL-AM

The Illinois Secretary of State visits Carle to encourage minority organ donation.


Carle building update - News Gazette

The Orthopedics and Sports Medicine construction project in Champaign is coming along.


Volunteers make the difference - WCIA-TV

Carle volunteers keep the gift shop running.


ADHD: What it is and how its diagnosed - WCIA-TV

Charles Morton, MD, tell us what ADHD is - and what it isn't.