Women’s Legacy Circle issues full round of 2017 support

young girl on ipadAgain in 2017, the Women’s Legacy Circle is fulfilling Carle employees’ wish lists by enhancing their ability to care for patients.

“What makes this donor circle so unique is that it provides a creative outlet for our frontline staff here at Carle to suggest new ways to go above and beyond for our patients and their care,” said Lyn Jones, Carle Center for Philanthropy vice president.

Hosted by Carle Center for Philanthropy, the Women’s Legacy Circle is a grassroots giving group supported by concerned women who want to make a difference and change lives. The Women’s Legacy Circle inspires, educates and empowers women to pool their charitable gifts to improve the health of their community. Started in 2009, it is the first initiative of its kind in our community.

Members commit to a $500 annual donation and then, through a member-directed grant review and voting process, decide which healthcare-related projects at Carle to fund.

“While the NICU requested and received support in several forms this year, the generosity of the Women’s Legacy Circle reaches across many different patient areas within Carle, benefiting patients in even more ways than the health system’s budget addresses,” Jones said.

newborn baby's feet with female handsFor 2017, the Women’s Legacy Circle awarded about $54,000 in grants for the following programs.

  • Premature Anne 25-week mannequin, $9,000. This will allow NICU staff to practice the specialized care our tiniest patients need.
  • iPads for infusion patients, especially children, $2,000.
  • Community diabetes education event, $2,600
  • Frenzel lenses for vestibular rehabilitation, $2,000. This specialized equipment helps identify and treat involuntary eye movement.
  • Ventrogluteal injection model, $4,250. This allows trainees to practice giving intramuscular injections.
  • Mamaroo Swings for the NICU, $750. The NICU will purchase a handful of the swings whose movements mimic a mother or other caregiver’s rocking.
  • MicroPulse P3 laser for glaucoma, $12,000.
  • Charging systems (Windsor and Curtis clinic locations), $2,000. Patients and their families already have access to electronic-device charging stations provided by the Women's Legacy Circle.
  • Recliners for bariatric population for even safer recovery after surgery, $7,675.
  • Resident physician endoscopy training, $8,000.
  • Bereavement cart for NICU, $400.
  • Find Your Center (rolling mirrors for Carle Therapy Services), $1,680. These help patients improve stability, mobility and independence following a stroke or traumatic brain injury.
  • Prescription to Read at Carle Mattoon, $1,500.

Plus, to help support emerging 2017 needs, the Women’s Legacy Circle reserved $11,700 (or 18 percent of this year’s grant dollars for future projects. Learn more or become a member at Carle.org/give.