Sister No. 3 guarantees years of love, sensational shoes

Born on Saturday, Elsie Hedrick is destined to be a “Just Do It” kind of kid.

Her parents were the first to receive one of 30 pairs of tiny Nike Waffles donated to Carle Foundation Hospital via Tatyana McFadden, the University of Illinois athlete who wrapped up the 2016 Paralympics in Rio with an amazing four gold medals and two silvers.

Elsie’s mom Brandi, who is eager to get back to running soon, can imagine a track and field future for Elsie, but first the newborn—who arrived 10 days early—needs to settle in at home and get to know her family, including her two older sisters.

Down the road, 7-year-old Kennedy will likely teach little sister Elsie to play softball and ride horses. Sydney, who is 5 and a true redhead, say her parents, will likely show her little sister her gymnastics skills and so much more.

First, dad Gordie said they’ll make sure the excited big sisters know how to safely help with their little sister.

“They will want to pick her up and carry her around, so we’ll have to set some things straight,” he said.

Perhaps, then, both girls will start with teaching Elsie about the family-focused antics of their favorite TV shows Full House and Fuller House, as well as the animal escapades of Paw Patrol.

In addition to spending both quiet and chaotic time with her now family of five, Brandi looks forward to training for a seven-mile bridge run in April in Key West. Serious morning sickness stalled her passion for running at the beginning of each pregnancy.

Dan Baker sees passion for giving every day in his role with Carle Center for Philanthropy.

“Our community—and especially Nike today—knows it takes all of us pitching in to create the kinds of success stories we see with Paralympians like Tatyana McFadden and so many others with such bright futures,” he said.

While helping ensure strong starts for those bright futures, Lisa Siegwald, RN, and her staff are also handing out the brightly colored Nikes to the new babies and families they care for.

“It’s nice of Nike to think about the futures of the little ones,” she said. “The little shoes are just one more way to make the arrival of a new one even more special.”

Part of the “Nike Unlimited Future” campaign, the gift features a note to encourage little ones to find their greatness. It says, “There really are no limits to your potential. Whatever you decide. Get up. Get out. And get started. Life moves fast. And in these, it will move a little faster. Just do it.”

With that and her family’s good guidance, little Elsie is already on her way.