Prolific crafter donates half of proceeds to Guest House

Georganna Rhodes, crafterSomeone might compare Georganna Rhodes to the Energizer Bunny. These days, she just keeps crafting and crafting.

While she’s crocheted as long she can remember and knitted since she was 16, Rhodes found more time to craft after retiring from her nearly 40-year Carle Orthopedics nursing career.

“Now that my holiday sale crafts are done, I need a new project. My scarves. That’s what I’ll work on next,” she decided quickly. “They go under your coat, and you’ll never lose it.”

Hosted by The Carle Auxiliary, the 2016 Holiday Craft Fair & Bake Sale is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, November 16 and Thursday, November 17 in the Carle Foundation Hospital breezeway.

Here’s just a sampling of the holiday treasures Rhodes will sell alongside about 20 other creative vendors.

  • Afghans
  • Hot pads and dish towels.
  • Needlepoint creations

Donna Sant, Auxiliary retail manager, agrees Rhodes’ energy is never-ending.

“Georganna has been a great asset to the gift shop since she started. She has taken over the role of helping train new volunteers and is taking on more and more responsibilities,” Sant said.

“She retired as a nurse here at Carle and didn’t stay away very long.”

Rhodes’ many fans are perfectly fine with that. While a nurse, Rhodes made memorable and multicolored baby afghans for her coworkers expecting boys, girls and surprises.

Rhodes’ crafts today benefit friends and family who need a place to stay nearby while loved ones are in the hospital. The Auxiliary requires craft fair and bake sale vendors to contribute 20 percent of their sales back to the Carle Auxiliary Guest House.

That wasn’t enough for Rhodes.

“Last year, I made about $500, and I gave $250 back to the Auxiliary,” Rhodes said, laughing off praise for her 50-percent contribution. “It helps the hospital. It’s that simple.

“Besides, I just need to make enough money so I can buy more supplies so I can make more crafts.”