Parish nurse training welcomes registrants by August 26

Tiffany Paul, nurse practitioner, serves as a parish nurse at her church in BroadlandsFor some nurses, a combination of community and spiritual life is important. So true for Tiffany Paul, an adult and geriatric nurse practitioner in Bone Health and Rehabilitation at Carle.

As an active member of the Carle Parish Nurse Program since 2007, Paul has aligned her own body, mind and spirit by helping members of her congregation live healthy lives.

As a fourth-generation member of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Broadlands, Paul turns her passions into motivation as she achieves a balance between the Carle community and her church community. Parish nurses add to any ministry, empowered through their profession and access to community resources and providers.

“It doesn’t have to be a full-time job. It’s whatever time you have available for your congregation. There is no template for how to help your parish. It’s all based on their needs and what you can do for them,” Paul said.

Register online or call (217) 326-2583 by August 26 for parish nurse training sessions both September 6-7 and October 4-5. Please contact Faith Roberts, Carle’s director of parish nursing, at faith.roberts@carle.com for more information.

Carle Center for Philanthropy bolsters the parish nurse program, educating and supporting more than 500 nurses in 32 counties and 233 congregations. Drawing a closer link between faith and healthcare communities gives registered nurses the opportunity to help people see the importance of caring for their spiritual and physical health.

The American Nurses Credentialing Center recently recognized Carle’s Parish Nurse Program for its dedicated commitment to the community while maintaining course affordability for new registrants. The program seeks the next generation of parish nurses who will add strength to the foundation of the program and their congregation.

Nurses of all faiths and from any congregation can volunteer their time each month.

“I provide resources to church members who may not feel comfortable talking with their primary care provider while counseling about healthcare issues and providing preventive health screenings,” Paul said.

Working to promote wellness while providing care for the people of the faith community is key to the Parish Nurse Program. Participants receive continuing educational hours while serving the wellness of the community.

“It’s a good program available to nurses active in their church,” Paul said.