Property tax ruling appealed to state supreme court

Carle believes it is entitled to its property tax exemptions granted decades ago so people in need can get care regardless of their ability to pay—something that is critical to our mission as a not-for-profit healthcare provider. Therefore, Carle will file an appeal of the Fourth District Appellate Court opinion with the Illinois Supreme Court prior to the Feb. 9, 2016, deadline. 

Carle remains committed to doing what is right for our patients. In this instance, that means protecting the community’s healthcare resources so we can continue to provide quality care and cover the costs of charity care for people who need it. In 2014 alone, Carle provided more than $38 million in charity care at cost to 31,000 people for medically necessary treatment.
This is about much more than a local property tax exemption. It is about defining the rules and making clear the laws that govern hospitals and municipalities alike. Most importantly, it is about tens of thousands of people in Illinois receiving lifesaving treatment for free via charity care programs at not-for-profit hospitals. 
At the local level, we believe the pending actions by the Champaign County Board of Review to pursue placing Carle on the tax rolls are inappropriate, as the recent Fourth District Appellate Court opinion is not the law of the land.
We are committed to addressing and resolving this matter appropriately through the available legal and administrative channels.