Camp supports parents who’ve lost loved ones, too

Camp Healing Heart sessions focus on the adult’s own grief, as well as how to continue to help young campers cope with grief. 


Pediatric patient prefers orange and blue memories

Carle Child Life specialist: “It’s amazing to me that we get to be part of seeing our kids outside the hospital and really thriving.”


Emergency action tubes can save lives nationwide

For the last four decades, and despite larger farming operations, Illinois has held steady at about 21 farm-related fatalities per year.


Family promotes farm safety so legacies live on

Carle Center for Rural Health and Farm Safety challenges each farm to make one safety change, share it using #Carle_FarmSafety.


Lifesaving support helps fight heroin, painkiller addiction

Carle supported many initiatives to improve the health of thousands in our region with these areas as the top priorities: access to care, behavioral health, obesity and violence.


Parish nurse asks other nurses to join the flock

Register online or call (217) 326-2583 by August 17 for weekend classes that start August 26.


New on-field actions focus on football player safety

Carle Sports Medicine athletic trainers, physicians and EMTs learn how to properly remove protective padding before placing an athlete on a stretcher.


Minority organ donations among state leader's top priorities

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White wants minorities to sign up to become organ donors at LifeGoesOn.com. He wants them to put aside misinformation and help their communities.


Holly's story: With me every step of the way

In 2015, Carle’s Financial Assistance Program provided more than $30.6 million in free or discounted care to nearly 34,000 patients.


Institute offers more advanced approach for patients who need digestive health care

A physician’s dedication and his family’s generosity brings the Dr. Eugene Greenberg Institute to Carle, expanding upon the organization’s commitment to the community.