13 students share their Scrub Camp hopes and goals

Carle Scrub Camp this week offers unique experiences for the next generation of healthcare workers. Organizers say exposure to diverse career avenues is vital for teens as they look to map out educational opportunities and future plans.

Of the 70-plus students participating, these shared their stories.

Anushka Agrawal
Centennial High School    

I love to learn new things, I like challenges, and I am very hard-working. I think this camp will be very fun and useful for me. I would like to become a doctor, specifically a cardiologist.

Amanda Krutsinger
Mahomet homeschool        

This could help me make a decision to attend nursing school or paramedic school. I am unsure at this time, but I have really liked the biology class I had this year.           

Chelsea Harrison
Villa Grove High School           

I want to be in the medical field, but I am not sure what area I want to pursue. Emergency Medicine has always interested me, so this camp seems very beneficial and interesting. I am shadowing different providers this summer at Carle, as well.

Maximus King
Blue Ridge Intermediate & Junior High School      

My mom works in anesthesia and has encouraged me to see all the different job possibilities at a hospital that don't include dealing with gross stuff. I like working with computers and figuring out what is wrong with them. I don't want to do her job, but I know that she likes working there, so that's good.

Grace Burnsmier
Monticello Middle School

I am interested in going into a health-related field and would like to learn more about jobs in the health field and the options Carle has. I am considering registering for health-related classes and the CNA program while in high school.

Katie Cole
Blue Ridge High School

I am interested in this program at Carle because I plan on being a nurse, and this camp will help me to apply for jobs, such as working at a nursing home. I plan to go to Parkland for nursing, join the Army and attend the University of Illinois.

Raegan Cunningham
Armstrong high School     

I am interested in pursuing a degree in nursing. I would like to someday become a nurse practitioner in pediatrics or neonatology. My family has a long line of nurses and allied health professionals, and I am proud to say that I will be someday, too.

Keegan Cunningham
Armstrong High School     

I am interested in this program because I would like to pursue a career in nursing. I am especially interested in becoming a flight nurse. It would be a great experience to talk with people from AirMethods to make this dream come true.

Owen Weisman
Heritage High School

I am interested in becoming an anesthesiologist and would love to get a firsthand look at the medical field.

Sam Haugen
Monticello High School

I intend to go into the medical field after I graduate, and I think Scrub Camp will be a good way to get a feel for what it's like in this line of work. I would like to become either a doctor or a physician assistant.

Jonah Beers
Normal Community High School

I'm participating in Scrub Camp for two reasons. The first is to have experience in some sort of medical field due to my interest in pursuing medicine as a career. My other reason is just to learn things! I love science and learning about anything medical. I hope to learn a lot of medical terminology and as much of anything as I can.

Aleyah Hubbard
Central High School

I would like to be a trauma surgeon when I grow up because I like the excitement and rush. I was recently in the hospital for two months for Guillain-Barre syndrome. That made me want to help others who have an illness and are in need.      


Victoria Buenrostro
Unity High School              

I would like to experience the different roles of each position in a healthcare facility to further help my decision on what to pursue for my future career. The goal I truly wish to achieve is to become a surgeon. I have told myself every day that that is what I have my heart set on, and I am going to work hard to achieve it.