Eyes to the skies: Think safe practices beyond the eclipse

Eye surgeon Dr. Abu-Bakar Zafar says, “Please watch children closely so they don’t test how dangerous it is to look at the eclipse.”


Making Health a Priority: Gardening ... and grace

It's one of the ultimate health-promoting activities, but if your gardening never pans out how you hoped, this blog is for you.


Fisherman hooked on close-to-home tune-ups for his ticker

Since beginning his heart-focused practice in Olney, Dr. Prem Ghai has helped more people get cardiac care closer to home.


Why NOT you? The answer is more simple than you imagine

Maybe -- just maybe -- it's time to quiet your inner voice and replace it with the power to see what you truly can do.


Got stamina? A little more every day, cardiac patient says

Carle Heart & Vascular Institute earns Accreditation for Cardiovascular ExcellenceTM  (ACE) for lifesaving heart procedure.


Trucker sends sincere ‘thanks, y’all’ after surprise stop

Back to work and feeling fine, Arkansas resident Brent Baker insists he knows good customer service when he sees it.


One day at a time, healthy nutrition is easier than you think

Dietitian says you can have your Snickers and eat it, too. Just make sure it’s bite-sized when focusing on proper nutrition and building healthy habits.


On stress ... and manly Muppets (Yes, you read that right)

What stresses you out? And which category does that stress fall under -- bothersome but for good reason or just plain absurd?


Smallest patients thrive with a big change

Small Baby Unit offers benefits available at few NICUs in the U.S. Carle’s first official small baby with a big name, William, is thriving.


Chaplain's fellowship experience will help patients even more

Kristin Godlin earns fellowship to research the effects of spiritual care on improving health outcomes to help families.