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Research Support

At Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute (SFCRI), Carle’s research enterprise, we constantly move beyond the expected and reach for exceptional. To ensure our reputation as a leader in community-based research, Carle fosters an environment that encourages investigator-initiated research and clinical trials. In this way, Carle is able to support, nurture, test and apply new discoveries that address today’s critical healthcare challenges.

To encourage this discovery, our research investigators partner with teams of experts to further improve medical practices and health outcomes. By providing a full range of staff-supported services to our investigators, we demonstrate our commitment to innovation and advancing healthcare through an extraordinary environment for research.

If you have a research idea to share, please complete a Carle Research Services Request Form.


Research Design Consultation

The Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute (SFCRI) provides front-end assistance to investigators to ensure the use of sound scientific research techniques for the creation of new therapies and discoveries. 

Biostatistics Consultation 

Well-designed studies are not developed in isolation. As part of our research design consultation service, researchers have access to biostatistic support, which encourages collaboration between the researcher and statistician. Biostatistical support can range from a single consultation to meeting regularly throughout the process, from proposal through publication. Help is available for:

  • Study design
  • Power/sample size calculation
  • Protocol development
  • Statistical data management and analysis
  • Interpretation of results
  • Writing statistical sections of a proposal and/or manuscript
  • Preparation of grants and proposals
  • Addressing questions from the reviewers

Grants Administration

The Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute (SFCRI) is committed to encouraging and supporting our research investigators throughout the research process. Our grants administration services monitor project-related budgets as well as account balances and expenditures, prepare financial reports and analyses, and assist Carle investigators with the administration and development of sponsored research projects. Grant administration assists investigators in meeting various internal and external reporting requirements and deadlines, and completes sponsored project close-out reviews. In collaboration with Carle’s accounting and compliance units, it also represents SFCRI during internal and external sponsored research audits. 

Budget Development

Budget Development Services (BDS) assists Carle investigators and collaborating researchers with the development and management of budgets for both internally and externally funded research projects. BDS helps identify funding opportunities according to clinicians’ areas of expertise and Carle’s research strategy. In addition, BDS assists in the preparation and submission of research proposals to external sponsors. 

Financial and Regulatory

Financial and Regulatory Oversight (FRO) ensures all financial, regulatory and contractual aspects of a Carle research study are in place prior to its activation and throughout its life. FRO manages clinical research billing – including Medicare billing analysis – to determine routine costs in a clinical trial. In addition, FRO assists with Institutional Review Board (IRB) submission, notification of approval and facilitating modifications to existing research, and provides information about FDA Expanded Access and research training such as CITI, Human Subject Protection Training and Good Clinical Practice. 

Data Engineering

Data Services (DS) assists with collection, mining and management of EMR data for Carle research projects. DS also provides data delivery, surveys, information about REDCap and assistance with questions about patient populations for new studies.

Biospecimen Core

Our Specimen Procurement Service Center provides central support for research studies that require biospecimens. This research support includes:

  • Assistance with specimen procurement protocol development.
  • Modular collection kits for biospecimen collection that allow for standardized collection and specimen annotation from on and off-site locations.
  • Biospecimen processing and aliquoting.
  • Dedicated and secured ambient, refrigerated, and -80C biospecimen storage.
  • 24/7 biospecimen storage monitoring.
  • Surgical specimen procurement by specialized staff.
  • Tissue fixation and embedding.
  • Specimen inventory.

With the goal of providing high-quality samples to research investigators, SFCRI ensures compliance with ethical standards including informed consent, safety, donor anonymity and regulatory safeguards.

For more information, please contact Reubin McGuffin, Specimen Procurement Service Center Manager. Or, you can begin the process by using the Specimen Procurement Request Form.

Additional Research Support Areas

Clinical Trial Support

Clinical Trials Support Services (CTSS) assists Carle investigators throughout the life of clinical trial studies or investigator-initiated projects. Services include offering Good Clinical Practice-trained project coordinators and managers, developing recruitment strategies, offering clinical protocol development expertise, managing regulatory documents, offering financial oversight, and providing study quality-assurance reviews and recruitment tracking. 

Nursing Evidence Based Practice and Research

Nursing studies pave the way for better patient care. Carle, a Magnet-designated facility, places great emphasis on improving patient outcomes through evidence-based practice. When research-based knowledge (information derived from well-designed research studies) and clinical-based knowledge (protocols and standards) come together the result is evidence-based practice. Promoting evidence-based practice and nursing research allows Carle to provide superior patient care.